GLOG - GPS Logger with map support for QVGA smartphones

I bear on your court the program which it was necessary to write because of absence any similar and free-of-charge. Now I have smartphone Qtek-8310 and bluetooth GPS. All is checked on these devices, but theoretically should work on any QVGA smartphones with Windows mobile 5.
Look, test. I shall consider wishes and I shall answer questions at a forum or via the address with pleasure.

1. Works with raster maps.
2. Writes and reproduces tracks in a .plt format.
3. There is program Gmapper for PC in which maps are preparing. Understands OZI format.
4. On rumors works on all WM5 + devices.

1. A uploading of tracks via GPRS
2. Improvement of binding algorithms
3. Check on other devices - smarts and a handheld computers
4. Sound indication of events in the program

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